Recruitment solution

Forstaff, recruitment agency

As Recruitment Experts, we have set up a unique Double Approach solution with our Business Experts Consultants and Psychologists.

They validate the technical skills as well as the behavioral abilities of each candidate to ensure you recruit the right profile for the right position.


Recruitment: develop your teams

We work together to define your needs, analyze the recruitment context and the position.

We conduct searches by direct approach or by announcement. Our Experts Consultants validate the candidate's technical skills and background. We present you the validated candidates.

You meet your future employee.

Our Psychologists provide you with the essential elements for your decision.

We intervene on the whole national and international territory.

the stakes

Consequences of a bad recruitment

More than a third of permanent contracts end before the first year. Inevitably, this has a financial impact, but not only.

There are identified costs such as salary, announcement or all the expenses related to the recruitment process. It is also necessary to take into account the invisible costs: the time dedicated to the integration of the newcomer, the under-performance of the latter, the time spent in re-launching the search.


Why work with a recruitment agency?

Partnering with a recruitment agency, whatever your structure, allows you to greatly reduce all of these professional risks. We are here to help you avoid these setbacks. We have the knowledge of the market, the mastery of sourcing tools and the expertise of the direct approach.

We commit ourselves to you with an obligation of result and offer you adapted guarantees to secure your recruitments to the maximum

Our experts

Find the best talents

The Forstaff Double Approach, to ensure a guaranteed recruitment


Talent Sourcers

By direct or classic approach, our Talent Sourcers have powerful tools to find the best talents and even those who are not yet on the market.


Experts Business Consultants

Our Experts Business Consultants come from your business sectors and make effective use of all their know-how to select the best profile. They know your expectations and will be your best ambassadors.



Our Psychologists reinforce the selection process by validating personal and behavioral skills for successful integration into your team.

Our Commitments

Your guarantee of success

  • Achievement of the objective within a defined agreed timeframe,
  • Respect of the level of confidentiality,
  • Follow-up of the selected candidate,
  • Recruitment guarantee period extended to 12 months for "executive" positions,
  • Prohibition to approach the employees of client companies during the two years following the last mission,
  • Any collaboration with a direct competitor of one of our clients is subject to their approval.
Our Process

The Key Steps

  • Analysis of the position and the stakes,
  • Sourcing: adapted to the profile sought, it is multi-channel, by direct or traditional approach,
  • Candidate selection: by phone interview to qualify the candidate, followed by an evaluation interview for the Expert Business Consultant,

  • Presentation of the selected candidates to the client company,
  • Tests and evaluation by our Psychologists,
  • Decision support: analysis and application file, feedback to unsuccessful candidates,
  • Follow-up of the recruited employee during the first months in the company.

Sectors & Functions

We know your sectors, our Expert Consultants come from them.

We will easily integrate your expectations.

All our functions

Let's start together the recruitment of your future talent.