Our Values

Forstaff, committed to you

We are driven by strong values that are shared by all of us in order to support companies in their human development, candidates in the various recruitment processes and
our employees in their daily work.


Your mission is our mission. 

We are committed to you with an obligation of results. We are your ambassadors. From the search for the right person to the moment they take up their position, we are committed to your success on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we ensure that the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in hiring are respected.


We cultivate proximity by coming to meet you to get to know you better and understand your needs. 

Proximity with our teams, our customers and our partners for a tailor-made support, in all circumstances.

The proximity animates all our Experts, their availability, their know-how creates this unique relationship of trust and listening.

Community of Experts

Our Talent Sourcers, Expert Consultants and Psychologists form our community of experts.

This efficient group allows us to offer a unique recruitment experience: the Double Approach, or when the validation of behavioral qualities reinforces technical knowledge and confirms that this candidate is your future talent.

Ethical and sustainable recruitment

The 30 Forstaff'employees are commited to fighting against all forms of discrimination.

Aware of our role and our duty, we joined the French Association "A Compétence Égale" in 2008.

We are active in the fight against discriminatory practices and ensure that the principles of equal opportunity and diversity in hiring are respected.

Our Approach

To be a Unique Recruitment Agency


Our philosophy

Experts in recruitment in France and abroad for Business, Marketing and Sales talents, IT, Technical and Production functions, we support the development of our clients in many sectors of activity such as FMCG, agri-food industry, manufacturing industries, etc.

Our main mission is to recruit the employee who will optimize your performance. As a true partner, we help you to prepare the evolution of your  structure and to adapt your organizations to changes (definition of functions, evaluation of internal collaborators, recruitment of new potentials) with our unique recruitment process: Double Approach.



Our Experts Consultants come from your business sectors. They make the optimum use of all their know-how to select the best profile cause they know perfectly your expectations and will be your best ambassadors. They mobilize all their skills to make your missions a success.

In order to validate the candidates both on a professional level and on their personality, our team is made up of Expert Business Consultants and Psychologists.


A guaranteed recruitment

We are your human partner. We accompany you with a contractual commitments to guarantee your recruitment:

  • When launching a new collaboration, we ensure the feasibility of the mission before any commitment.
  • The achievement of the objective is determined by a deadline defined together.
  • Be assured of our level of confidentiality.
  • The collaborator who will integrate your company will be followed by our experts.
  • A recruitment guarantee period is in place, extended to 12 months for executive positions.
  • We refrain from approaching our clients' employees during the two years following the last mission.
  • Any collaboration with a direct competitor of one of our clients is subject to their approval.
Our Method

Candidate: our Recruitment Process Together

With the specifis Double Approach of our recruitment process, our Experts Business Consultant and Psychologists ensure your integration into a company and a team that suits you.

A few months after you take up your position, we will still be in contact to ensure that the promise made is kept.


Let's get to know each other

Have you applied?

Does application match the profile we want to select? Our Talent Sourcers get in touch with you. 

The process begins.

Let's study your skills                     

Our Expert Consultants, experts in the sectors of activity for which we recruit, discuss with you about your technical skills, your background and your expectations.

What if we talk about you?

Your application has been accepted and you have been short-listed? Congratulations!

Our Psychologists study your ability to adapt to your future job and company in order to guarantee your chances of success in this position.

A question?
A project?

Let's start together.