Forstaff – Management Committee Salary Gaps

04 novembre 2015

At the request of the Journal des Entreprises business magazine, Laurent Le Roux, founder and CEO of Forstaff Recruitment Consultancy, gives his views on the pay gap between the regions for  Management Committee members (roles that account for 15-20% of the consultancy’s business). /our professions

Several reasons can account for these discrepancies, the main one being the size of the business.

"When you're with a major Group in Brittany, you can earn 50% more than a SME Management Committee member. Similarly, employees for subsidiaries of international groups are linked to the pay-scales  unique  to that company  and there is no valid collective agreement. As a result, salary gaps are notably smaller. Whereas, there can be major salary discrepancies within the Management Committee of a single SME, because the committee has developed alongside the business, with some members there for many years. It's about seniority and challenges relating to positioning within the market. In Brittany, the bigger the business, the greater the importance ascribed to the IT and Human Resources functions".

Laurent Le Roux also points out that turn-over of Management Committee staff in Brittany is lower. Despite salaries being lower than in Paris, people commit to a project for the long term (even if recruitment is easier in Départements 56 and 35 than in 22 and 29) and are thus less sought after by other companies. Close links to a boss can tempt Paris-based executives away from major groups. The usual reasons for moving include: family reasons, a clearly-defined role and the prospect of joining the Management Committee.


"Beyond these factors, you're getting into a slightly hidden market, which can be significantly based on networking, especially by the CEO. He will then ask us to assess the suitability of the candidate."

Raphaël Guitton

Consultant / Chargé de Recherche chez Forstaff, Raphaël est diplômé d'un master en management et gestion des ressources humaines.